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For Those Who Missed Out On Our Last is the story that appeared on Page 2 (John's Soap Box), entitled: "The Stuff of Which Tears are Made."


When Gabby was about eight years old, she was already a seasoned dancer, but was performing in one of her first big girl productions...the Nutcracker, which was being done in Pullman. Ever the dedicated friend, I tossed the wife and all four kids in the car and headed for Pullman on that December day, for no other reason than to support Gabby.
rylie at pioneer park summer 2010As I nestled into my seat, I sat next to Gabby's dad, Pat, who was the best man at our wedding and long time friend from my days back at the University of Idaho. Many of you will recall me making mention of a band of "particularly hairy brothers from Grangeville" a few years back, but that is an entirely different story all together. None-the-less, I am sitting next to Pat, when he leans over and whispers in my ear.
"Do you really like this stuff?" he lightly asked...except he didn't say "stuff."
"Well," I replied, "Not really, but we are here to support Gabby, you know."
As Pat's torture continued, I remember the long production finally coming to an end and Pat and his son, Sam, literally running up the stairs to the door...there must have been a Notre Dame game on that afternoon, 'cuz I can't remember Pat ever moving so quickly...least not anytime over the past ten years!!
Now, buzz forward about six years to another Christmas production...this one called "The Twelve Days of Christmas," with an even more polished Gabby dancing ballet as one of the Three French Hens. Wow!! What a difference a few years makes...I mean, 'she doesn't even look like she's having a seizure on stage anymore, ' I thought to myself!!
Once the production was over, I made a quick call to Gabby's house to congratulate her, but instead got her old dad, Pat, on the phone instead.
"Hey man, I need to talk to your daughter," I said. When Pat asked me why, I said, "I just wanted her to know that we went to her dance and she looked beautiful on the stage and she danced amazingly."
"I know," Pat replied with a gulp, "I can't hardly watch her dance anymore without wanting to cry."
What an amazing transition, I remember thinking, as I hung up the phone...from "stuff" to tears in about five years. I certainly don't recall him ever making mention of anything like that when he talked about Sam!!
And so it is with dads and their little girls...
So, the summer of 2010 finally did catch on sometime in June, and my little girl went to a local week-long dance camp. Upon completion of the camp, a short production was held at Pioneer Park, where I found myself sitting in a lawn chair, with about twenty other dads, watching their daughters, with lumps growing in their throats...stupid Pat!!
Just a few days ago, I was visiting with my assistant Evie, who was talking about how beautiful her children are. "Excuse me sister, but everyone knows that my kids are far more beautiful," I remember thinking. "They do have an exceptionally handsome father, after all."
Which brings me to something I think we all know...that our parents simply love us and that we will always be beautiful in their biased eyes...sometimes warts and all.
So it was, on August 12th, that my wife lost her little brother, Ethan, to a tragic mining accident in Nevada. As I sat there in the wet Elko grass, dodging water from the ill timed sprinklers, I listened intently to my mother-in-law, Lorene, as she talked lovingly of her recently departed son...and all I could picture was her holding his chubby, scruffy face and staring intently into his only a mother can do, saying " sure are a handsome man, you sure are a handsome man..." Then, just as I do with my "littles," I could envision her holding his face only 30 years earlier, saying, " sure are a good looking sure are a good looking boy."
As one of my favorite family physicians relayed to Dealiah and I a few weeks ago, the bad stuff in life, goes away, but the good always stays and will always be just gets stronger and stronger. Dr. Chavez is right, but he actually said that far more eloquently than I just did.
Love 'em while they're here, 'cuz they won't stay little forever and God forbid, you might just out live them. I wish you eternal peace Ethan.

It really does take a village!!


Not only to raise children, but to raise a business as well.

Dr. John J. Johnson has practiced in the LC Valley since 1997, weathered many personal and professional storms, and still managed to persevere. Though he would like to take the credit for all of his successes, he is mindful that this wouldn't be the most accurate position to take. On the contrary. "I have been blessed to surround myself with friends and business associates far too many to count," he says. "No one can truly claim that they are self-made...we are all products of our environment, after all."

In this light, Dr. Johnson would like to acknowledge those who have contributed to his personal and professional success since opening his office:

Personal & Business Banking


Twin River National Bank - Nikki Rogers (208) 746-4848

" of the sweetest, hardest working, most honest, & community minded people I've ever known. It is an absolute privilege to know her and to endorse her as our choice for professional & personal banking."


Real Estate AgentsJudy Higgins

Judy Higgins Team - (208) 750-JUDY


"I've known Judy since moving to the LC Valley in December of 1996!! What an amazing woman...amazing work ethic...amazing drive. No doubt that if you need Judy, it will always be done right...amazingly."

Accounting Services


Presnell Gage - Jeff Uptmor (208) 746-8281

What a blessing to have found Presnell Gage after moving to the Valley in '96. On top of that, having a personal accountant such as Jeff Uptmor, who is my age and who shares my small town upbringing, provides me with nothing but comfort in knowing that the business side of my office is being handled with a great deal of integrity and thoughtful planning. For you small business owners, you know that payroll responsibilities, taxes, reports, and all that other "stuff," with their deadlines and subtleties can drive you nuts. Having an accounting TEAM, like the one at Presnell Gage, "handle" all that "stuff" provides nothing but peace of mind.

Life Insurance


Northwestern Mutual Life - Paul Hanson (208) 882-7711

"I met Paul in 1995, when I was first out of dental school and he was just getting his feet wet in the insurance business. Even though he was just learning the ropes, I found a sincerity in Paul that is rare...still today, after over a decade, I still find him as honest, sincere, and as genuinely helpful, as the day I met him."

Home Improvement & Construction Supply


Flerchinger Electric - (509) 751-9015

"I met Ron Flerchinger in 1997, when I first opened my office. He and his electricians provided all of our electrical needs at that time, and also were contracted to complete the electrical responsibilities when we remodeled in 2004. They have proven themselves to be incredibly flexible and reliable when minor emergencies have water tank goes out at home, etc. It has also been a privilege to get to know Ron's family, an amazing group that includes his wonderful wife and equally impressive three daughters. I'll continue to use Flerchinger Electric and recommend them to others for as long as I stay in the Valley."


Miller Brother's Plumbing & Heating - (208) 743-1575

ARXX Building Materials

Ziggys - Wendy Schlader & Bert Cole


Home Depot


Computer Hardware & Software Support


B & I Computer Systems - Jay Thompson (208) 746-5980

When our office was in dire need of a computer upgrade, I solicited the advice of several colleagues in the dental profession, and heard the same name repeated over and over again, "Jay Thompson." As a result, I decided to give his business a try. WOW!! Not only did Jay take my project on personally, but he walked me through the entire process from start to finish. Being a 'non-techie,' it would have been incredibly easy to take advantage of me, and that was something I was scared to death of. Jay is so honest and straight forward with everything, that nothing but trust emerged from our relationship. He provided the best system for our current and future needs, and did it under the most bizarre time frame and constraints than I could have ever imagined. Jay and his team are the best in the Valley...a FIVE STAR Business!!"


Subterranean Data Storage Company - John Adcock


Health & Wellness Providers


St. Joseph's Hospital - (208) 743-2511


Clearwater Medical Clinic - Dr. Celso Chavez (208) 743-8416

"I get choked up whenever I talk about Dr. Chavez, for not only is he my family physician, but I view him as a hero as well. As my grandfather's physician for years, Dr. Chavez made arrangements during the final two months of my grand dad's life, so that he could stay comfortably at home, in his own bed, surrounded by his family. I am convinced that many doctors would have opted to send my grandpa to the hospital for care, but Dr. Chavez did not. He stopped by the house two times, and made hospice arrangements so that everything was as comfortable as possible for my grandparents. The experience ranks as one of the most pleasurable of my entire life...seeing my grandfather, lying in his own bed, surrounded by friends, grand-kids, and his own children...laughing and sharing his life. What an amazing gift to have given...and one that can never be repaid. Still, though the years have passed, Dr. Chavez remains a mainstay in my 'medical life,' often sounding more grandfatherly than medical. No doubt, you and your family will get the very best with Dr. Celso Chavez and his team of committed health care providers."


Valley Medical Obstetrics - Dr. Geneen Bigsby (208) 746-1383


"When Dealiah became pregnant with our twins, she immediately began seeing Dr. Geneen Bigsby for prenatal care. I did my best to accompany my wife on these visits, and soon found her to be exceptionally cared for by Dr. Bigsby and her team. Despite that Dr. Bigsby had her first child during Dealiah's pregnancy, she had recouped nicely and delivered our twins on August 10th, 2001 at 1:16 and 1:17 of the top three events in my entire life. We trusted Dr. Bigsby whole heartedly, and would recommend her, without hesitation, if you are adding to your family. ...professional...caring...sincere...our friend...Dr. Geneen."


Alpine Vision - Dr. Stephen Brockbank (208) 743-5830


Clearwater Chiropractic & Accupuncture - Dr. Susan Aubuchon (208) 798-5420


Eastgate Chiropractic & Massage - Dr. Julie Fisher-Moore


Lewiston Orthopaedic Associates - Dr. Steven Boyea (208) 743-3523


Institute of Physical Therepy - Dr. Terry Drury


Lewiston Ear, Nose & Throat - Dr. Jeff Burry (208) 746-0193


Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center - Dr. Walter Williams (509) 758-5141

Dental Speciality Providers

  • Dr. John Morrison - Oral Surgery

  • Dr. Stephen Holm - Oral Surgery

  • Dr. Bradley Morlock - Periodontics

  • Dr. Matt Clegg - Endodontics

  • Dr. I. Blake McKinley - Endodontics (Skokane)

  • Dr. Bret Christensen - Orthodontics

  • Dr. David Wilkensen - Orthodontics

  • Dr. Curt Wiggins - Pedodontics

  • Dr. Jeremy Wiggins - Pedodontics


Framing Service


Art and Frame by D & J - Donna (208) 746-8379

Advertising, Printing, & Publishing


4-K Radio - Angie McVey


Moneysaver Printshop - Sherri Fisher


KLEW - TV - Judy Hiugiera

Auto Sales

Rogers Toyota - Kerrie Johnsonkerrieone

Since getting married, both Dealiah and I have enjoyed several Toyota vehicles. Kerrie Johnson has done a wonderful job over the years making our buying experiences incredibly pleasant. Paired with the Toyota name, we know we are getting an awesome and reliable product, along with a sales representative who is looking out for our best interests too. So, if you are seriously looking into a Toyota vehicle, give Kerrie a call.


Mick McClure Honda - Casey Everett


Hall Ford