Welcome to Our Practice

We have always held fast to the notion that we are the best kept dental secret in the LC Valley. Since opening our office on April 1st, 1997, we have treated thousands of patients like members of our own families, incorporated them into the decision making process, and provided exceptional and predictable care in all aspects of their dental health.

Our office has become increasingly thorough in the collection of pertinent records as they apply to not only your teeth, but to your general health as well. With this, we boast what we believe to be the best "Soft Tissue Management Program" (gum & bone health) in the area. Contemporary medical-dental researchers are finding disturbing links between your dental and overall health, so we take our responsibilities to you, as your dental health providers, very, very seriously.

In a world full of clichés, slogans, and over used promises, it becomes more and more difficult to accurately identify what makes one office different from the next. Knowing this, we can honestly report that our office is not the biggest, not the fastest, and definitely not the most high-tech dental facility in the LC Valley. We have always been into relationship building, though, and believe that once you try us, you'll stay forever.