Jennifer - Registered Dental Hygienist


      Jennifer grew up in Culdesac, and finished high school there in 2001.  After graduation, she attended culinary school at North Idaho College in Couer d ‘Alene , and worked for a couple years at a local bakery as a pastry chef.  …but, much to the loss of fine cuisine, we proudly added Jennifer to our Hygiene Corp in May of 2013.

      Jennifer and her husband, Jake, were married in 2006, after which they moved to Pocatello for five years.  During their time there, Jennifer earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene from Idaho State University in 2010.  While in Southern Idaho, Jennifer and Jake started their family, and returned to North-Central Idaho with two new kids.  Currently the mother of three red-headed, energetic boys, Jennifer will be adding a girl version sometime in July 2015….the sooner the better, if you ask Jen.

     As a part time hygienist, it is often difficult to fit in and become part of a full time group.  In Jennifer’s case, fitting in was not difficult, as she knew everyone in the office anyhow.  A pleasant and caring personality, coupled with excellent clinical and patient skills also proved an asset, as Jennifer seamlessly blended into the group and carved a niche’ for herself with both new and established patients.

     Jennifer and her family enjoy their time outdoors together.   Whether it is camping or taking care of their fledgling grape vineyard, anything that keeps the boys occupied is a plus.  And considering that each of these youngsters comes from a long line of really, really tall men, Jennifer’s need to keep the fridge full of groceries is a must…all the better for our patients, our team, and Dr. J., as they all will benefit from their upcoming months and years with Jennifer…Your Dental Hygienist.