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December 19, 2011
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Fluoride... for the Life of Your Smile

From the Newsletter “Your Valley Smile” December 2005

     Fluoride is a mineral that is found naturally in many things we eat and drink, and it is nature’s way of helping us prevent cavities.

     Professional strength (in-office) and low strength (home use) fluorides each play important roles in helping to keep your teeth for life.  In the lifelong battle against cavities, both adults and children can benefit from home fluorides and in-office fluoride applications.  Professional strength products can only be applied in the dental office, though we have prescription strength fluoride toothpastes and gels available for home use.

     These in-office products make teeth stronger and can even help “heal” weakened areas.  Over time, the high level of fluoride will gradually be released from the teeth.  This is where low strength fluorides, such as those found in toothpastes and some fluoride rinses (ACT), play a valuable role.  As the strength of the high levels diminish, the daily applications can help replenish and maintain the beneficial levels of fluoride in the’s a great one-two punch that helps make your teeth more and more resistant to decay.  Complete one of our surveys to see if you’d benefit from in-office fluoride.