Sandy – Dental Assistant

     Sandy has been a valuable member of our team since early 2012.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her, having spent the better part of the last 20-plus years working for several dentists. 

     Together with her husband, Doyle, Sandy has raised two grown men, who’ve both enjoyed a great deal of academic and professional success themselves.  She and her husband have also developed a tight knit group of friends within their church family, and serve many functions within this collection of followers.  Having served on two short-term missions to New Mexico over the past few years, she looks forward to her next opportunity to spread the message and to serve others.

     Despite being a wicked shot with the air-water sprayer in the office, we know that you will enjoy your time with Sandy at your side during treatment.  On top of the wealth of knowledge and experience she brings to the table, she also can share a tremendous level of empathy that most patients find comforting.  She also has a keen memory and a high level of understanding of some pretty obscure stuff…in particular, if you ask her about the weather, you will get a detailed and accurate report that surpasses the predictions of our local news (Dr. Johnson refers to this as “Sandy-Doppler Radar”).  The friendly “coffee bets” we hold in our office are also too frequently won by Sandy, even when we unfairly stack her up against Google.

     All-in-all, we are confident that when you meet Sandy, you will feel as if you have known her for years…she’d just one of those…Your Dental Assistant.